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CONNECT SP | North America SharePoint User Registration Site


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Welcome to CONNECT SP | North America and the Administrative Offices of the NA General Presbyter!

Greetings to you as a potential user of the CONNECT SP|North American SharePoint Site for the Administration Offices of North America!  This sight was created to help bridge the gap and bring CONNECTION to ALL levels of Leadership throughout North America! From the North American Presbyter's Office of the Church of God of Prophecy to the Local Church Pastor and Leadership!
You are here at this page, by request, to register for the use of the NEW CONNECT SP | North America SharePoint Site!  Please use the form to the right to register for this site and be placed in the User's Database for your own personal access. 

Upon providing the information in the form and selecting "Create User", the form page will refresh and display a "Continue" this point you can close the browser window! If you select "Continue" the form page will refresh again with a new form. The "Continue" button is an indication you successfully completed a registration request. You will also receive an email indicating your information was successfully submitted and waiting for approval. (If you do not think you received this email - check your junk mail!) When your request has been approved you will receive another email with your login information and a "temporary password". From this email you are given the opportunity to immediately go to the sight and use the form on the page to "Change My Password" from the temporary password, to a password you can remember. Your new password must consist of "upper & lower case text, numbers and alpha characters" and at least 7 characters in length.
If you have any issues or problems in registering please contact: 
SP Site Administrator (

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